Skincare Trends to Watch in 2024

Skincare Trends to Watch in 2024

According to Kantar: ‘In 2024, expect skincare to be about Holistic and Healthy Beauty.’ Skinimalism harnesses the spirit of minimalism and streamlines the skincare routine to maximise results without adding stress to the user.

Expect deluxified versions of classics (think: hyaluronic acid, retinol), alongside more high-tech formulations containing ingredients such as activated niacinamide and snow mushroom extracts. Cleanical’s reign is going to become even more widespread – especially when it comes to formulating cleanly, with safety, science, efficacy and sustainability in mind.


Not to be outdone, antioxidant-rich algae-based products have skyrocketed to viral success on TikTok, largely due to marine-inspired treatments’ ability to withstand extreme ocean environments, making them excellent options for sensitive skin as they help alleviate irritation while improving hydration levels and prevent sun damage, while also potentiating the production of collagen in the skin for a firmer profile.

The trend of microneedling is on the rise as a non-invasive procedure to improve skin texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles by causing micro-injuries to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes and encourage new collagen formation which would make the skin smoother.

With a few clicks, anyone can claim expert status on their Instagram, which means that more and more customers want to know what’s actually going on inside the formulas. Thus, we see more brands spotlighting ingredient transparency. Think more clean ingredients such as ceramides and squalane, a moisturising compound derived from plants.

Growth Factors

Beauty lovers are more knowledgeable than at any time in the past as to what is good for their complexions, so the industry has responded, both in terms of offering more transparent, simpler products, and in shifting towards health-focused, nature-themed ranges with no synthetic preservatives.

Growth factors tell your skin what to repair and renew itself, so they’re helpful in anti-ageing and fighting discoloration, too; as an antioxidant they’ll prop up the all-important cell membrane. These ingredients will stay popular through 2024; peptides will remain one of their top ingredients.

Skinimalism, the Japanese-born skincare trend built around reducing regimens to two- or four-product routines, is another to watch in 2024. On your radar should be formulas containing niacinamide and ceramides, as well as hydrating oils containing botanical or Asian-leaning superfoods.


Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, fortifies the skin’s barrier to mitigate acne flares, redness and pigmentation problems, and boosts DNA repair pathways in sun-damaged cells to decrease melanoma risk.

The skin barrier is the foundation of a beautiful complexion, warding off irritation and holding in moisture, so repair and maintenance products will be on the up in 2024.

Niacinamide can help diminish lines and wrinkles, brighten skin tone, level out pigmentation and help to diminish both pore and hair follicle size while also helps to regulate melanosome transfer and limit sebum production. It also has also been shown to help regulate melanosome transfer and limit sebum production!

Scalp Care

Scalps have always needed special care but now they’re getting the respect they deserve. Treat your scalp like the quality skin it is by using products that exfoliate, protect and moisturise. Make sure also that any product you use cleanses your scalp while encouraging hair growth, or at the very least thinning prevention or reduction – the scientific basis for the active ingredients is key.

Hair care formulas in 2024 will be smarter and just as pared down as skincare has been over the past few years. This will lead to one-size-fits-all shampoos, conditioners and styling tools that address a specific scalp issue with a targeted solution – think clarifying shampoo to unclog the pores; scalp serum to boost overnight hydration; or treatment spray to refresh and shield all day along.


The use of novel cosmetics (such as skin-moisturising proteins and peptides) to enhance the skin-brain axis – neurocosmetics – promise to improve mood and mocha-complexion simultaneously.

Such products might include sensory inputs (eg, warmth or pressure), and are typically made by science for a user to reap benefits through designed physiological targets with strict performance criteria.

Cleanical (‘clean’ + ‘clinical’) products will be the next big thing. Rocking better-for-you ingredients and do-good formulas, they champion safety, science and efficacy and are gentler on the earth and animals alike. Expect brands to lean into biotech or clean chemistry – more on this ahead! – to grow actives in the lab in lieu of scarce, endangered natural ingredients: probiotics could also be used to balance out your skin microbiome, effectively hydrating skin and reducing breakouts.

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