Exercise After C Section

Exercise After C Section

It’s not uncommon for women to suffer from postpartum depression after a C-section. While every woman recovers differently, you should take note of any pain at the incision site. To gauge the pain and to determine how soon you can return to normal activity, perform the Jumping Test as directed by your doctor. In this test, you should jump up and down 20 times without pain. Eventually, you can return to moderate and more intense sports and activities, such as walking.

To begin, start with exercises that will help you recover from the surgery. Gentle cardiovascular exercises, such as walking, are a good choice. These types of exercises are low-impact and have a lower impact on your organs and joints than higher-impact exercise. You can begin your exercise routine at 4 weeks postpartum or six weeks after delivery. At your six-week postpartum visit, ask your doctor if you can start doing exercises. If you’re up to it, gradually increase the intensity and duration of your sessions.

You should not drive for four weeks, lift anything heavier than your baby, or attempt to resume work or other activities. In addition, you should not neglect your posture or inner core engagement. Walking is a good exercise after C-section. The muscles of the belly can strengthen and help you manage constipation and urinary leakage. The midwife will also give you specific exercises to do during recovery. This will also improve your chances of recovery and prevent complications.

Postpartum abdominal exercises are good for strengthening the muscles that were weak during pregnancy. You can choose Pilates, weight lifting, or other low-impact exercises. Walking is also a good postpartum exercise option, but make sure to listen to your body and take things easy. You won’t have the stamina to complete high-impact exercises right away. But there are plenty of great exercises to do in the meantime. If you can tolerate the pain, it’s better than nothing. You can even resume your favorite activities once your body has recovered.

The minimum amount of time after C-section surgery to begin exercising after delivery is six weeks. However, many physical therapists recommend waiting at least eight to 10 weeks before beginning vigorous exercises. The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health (ACPHW) recommends eight to ten weeks before vigorous exercise and high-impact exercises. However, you should check with your OB/GYN for advice.

During the recovery period after a C-section, many women experience a gradual reduction in pain. Up to 60% of women experience pain near the incisions at 24 weeks after giving birth. It is important to avoid overstraining yourself during this period, as this could hinder your recovery. The goal is to gradually increase exercise, not to force yourself to push through pain. Exercise after a C-section can help you recover in a healthy manner.

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